handcrafting cinematic narratives


We are p-your vision.


As a studio specializing in creating handmade films, p-your vision {pronounced pure vision} aims to devote ourselves on telling stories, and we use our visuals to do so.

Using our imagination to breed fresh ideas - we create each film to be an unique work of art.

We like to keep our films authentic and personal - that means sitting down and chatting with you, listening to you and laughing with you. we will discover the small details that help us create the film that crafts you.

Share with us your tale.


PRASHANNA. creative director & cinematographer, editor

A chip off the old block: I learned the ropes of cinematography early in life through my father. I’m a live in the moment type of guy, an admirer of the great outdoors and a lover of all adventures. I love relaxing with my beautiful wife and my three incredibly handsome dogs.

I hope you stick around to experience our visuals.

CLAUDE. cinematographer & editor

My middle name “Francisco” originates from my father's favourite calypso singer 'slinger francisco'. His stage name was the "mighty sparrow" also known as "birdie". Like my name I strive to discover the truth and authenticity of all things. Including the films I create. This allows me to express my love for the arts in the most efficient way.

Expect to see creativity and beauty in all our work, as we see the creativity and beauty in all our clients.


Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor // Prashanna Jayaseelan
Cinematographer, Editor // Claude Quammie
Cinematographer, Editor // Robert Cole



wedding cinema

When we craft our wedding films, we emphasize on creative visuals and a great narrative. That is where we aim to find the most interesting details in the most ordinary story.

stay a while. we think you'll like what you see.




destination weddings